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Participation in television and radio programs and formats

With Irina Kiryakova in "Afternoon with BSTV"

The first 7 steps in gestalt therapy

На гости в "Следобед с БСТВ"

Visiting Gergana Stoyanova on TV Bulgare

Highlights of gestalt therapy

На гости на Гергана Стоянова в тв Българе

"From necessity to necessity"

How to be free and authentic

От нужното към нуждата

Expert in the social TV experiment "Married at First Sight"

on Nova TV, season 2, 2019

On the International Day of Friendship, June 9,

Stoyan Kuzmanov is a guest of Iva Doichinova in "Our Day" on BNR

"За приятелството"Стоян Кузманов в БНР
00:00 / 08:18

Stoyan Kuzmanov is a guest of Maria Mira Hristova in "Our Day" on BNR,

the topic is "Gestalt therapy"

Бнр гещалт. Стоян КузмановСтоян Кузманов в БНР
00:00 / 15:31
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